[OSD600 Series] Hello, world

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[OSD600 Series] Hello, world

$ whoami

Originally from Sài Gòn (a city in Việt Nam), I traveled across the globe in 2019, and have been studying Computer Programming at Seneca College ever since. My journey into programming shifted to web development in the second semester, after seeing the exciting nature of event-driven programming of JavaScript.

During my 2 years of practicing web development, I'm thanksful for all the free access to learning materials and tools. Paying it forward, I have always wanted to give back to the community, hence joining the open source community at Seneca College.

It wasn't until my first co-op that I realized how challenging, and rewarding at the same time, it was to work with other developers on a large-scale, real world projects. Walking into a huge projects with 0 understanding of the codebase, reading code written by others who might not even work there anymore, introducing new bugs while fixing a bug,... all of them helped me grow exponentially. I want to have more of those experiences. Therefore, I find open source development is a great place to learn.

At the moment...

I'm working and studying in Toronto.

In my journey, I invest most of my time in Frontend technologies. My go-to frontend libraries for any projects is Next.js, TailwindCSS, TypeScript, and Firebase if I need a database. It's in my best interest to focus on Developer Experiences (DX), Web Performances & Accessibilities.

Goals & expectations

Having enrolled in the course OSD600, I strive to have more professional presence in my field. I'm looking forward to collaborating with the like-minded developers at Seneca and the open source community as well. During the learning and working process, I hope it will eventually result in some meaningful contributions.

First step

Enough talking, just earlier today, I have starred the repo of Microsoft Visual Studio Code. Visual Studio Code is an IDE that I have been using on a day to day basic since the beginning of my web programming. As it is written in my favorite TypeScript, and its purpose aligns with my interest of improving DX, I find the "good-first-issue" tempting to dig in.

Cheers! 🍻

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